Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life

After I got off work tonight I really started re-analyzing my life.  I am in such a beautiful place right now.  I really think that people can see it.  I have never been this happy before.  Happy is not the word.  I believe this is real Joy!  I get to live with one of the most amazing girls I have ever known to exist.  I have true family in the Aldridge/Mann clan.  The Vickerys are yet another addition to my vast family, as well as the Bashtas.  The dust has settled in my life, and all that I was afraid of losing is actually more special and precious than it ever was!  I have GAINED so much more than I could have ever dreamed!
I am finding the funniest friendships at Starbucks.  There's Tracy, child of the night.  She has her quirks, but what a special woman she is!  I absolutely love that girl, even in her "bad" moments!  Then there are Kristie, Jesse, and Garrett!  What loons!  They constantly make me laugh!  Then there is Kelly.  What a crazy little pregnant lady!  She knows what she wants, and she gets things done!  I love getting to talk to her!  Ryan is absurd and hilarious.  Brantley is so chill and smooth.  What a ladies man!  All the ladies love him!  Ashley and I share a love for many of the same things, and I love talking to her!  Melanie is the craziest manager!  She's so spirited.  She gets me excited about work!

What I am trying to say is that my life is perfect.

Thank you to all who contribute!



  1. Yatta!! Love you dear. I'm so proud and happy to see you happy. It is well deserved!!

  2. Awh.
    This makes me proud.
    It's been fun watching you grow and change.
    Youre awesome! :)