Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nesting {cont.}

I cannot explain why I have had such an urge to DO things around the house, but I am loving it! I got so bored that the other day I went ahead and painted over this darn awful piece of work:

I mean....just so very busy and all the wrong colors for the apartment. We need color in this house! Earlier this week I painted about 8 coats of white to attempt and mask that hideous pattern. Thursday I went ahead and painted the rest! Here are some pictures:

^^here is the painting as a whole^^

^^one of my little flowers^^

^^and Natalie's little flower!^^

The colors are much prettier in person. The green is more of a pea-green than lime.
I cannot wait to hang it up somewhere! So much color :)

Also, Natalie went ahead and gave me my birthday presents! (Three weeks early!)
She is hysterical!

First there's this dreamy pillowcase:

hahahahaha! Score!
Then there's this necklace:

The plate says "My neck belongs to a vampire," and the little charm attached are tiny vampire fangs. This necklace WILL be worn to the New Moon premier in two weeks!


Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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