Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Pepsi...For Those Who Think Young"

This is an ad for Pepsi.
This is why a woman came into the cafe this morning requesting to speak to our supplier.
Here is our dialog:

Woman: "You usually sell Mountain Dew, right?"
Me: "Yes, ma'am. We're out right now, though. Today's our shopping day, so we should have some later."
Woman: "Who is your supplier?"
Me: "That would be Rachel Roll or Carrie Norris."
Woman: "Are either of them here? Are they shopping right now?"

(Here I'm thinking I'm going to get reported for selling too many Mtn. Dews)

Me: "No, but Rachel is going shopping in a few hours and she'll be here after that."
Woman: "Oh, well can I have one of their numbers? I'm here because Christians are boycotting Pepsi products, and Mountain Dew is a Pepsi Product..."
Me: "Yes, ma'am..."
Woman: "...And I was hoping you would help us."

(Now I am at a loss for words. Customers are lining up.)
Me: "Um, can you hang on just one second?"
(She steps back so I can do my JOB. I then mouth to Elizabeth Owen "SAVE ME!" and start laughing silently. I make all the drinks and readdress the woman.)

Me: "...........Um............Why exactly are they--I mean we--boycotting Pepsi?"
Woman: "They have donated bundles of money in supporting gay rights, and have been very public about picking sides. We are boycotting, hoping that they will be less vocal about their choice. And you know Gatorade is a Pepsi product as well. Powerade is also cheaper!"
Me: "Well, I'm not sure why we get Gatorade over Powerade...I can give you Carrie's number."

(WHOOPS. Yeah should have given her the Church's number and told her to ask for Carrie. I was lost and confused and trapped in a corner by a crazy person. She thanks me, and I immediately text Carrie to apologize for the crazy phone call she was about to receive.)


Anywho, this woman got me going. I think that when a believer is asked to vote on something opposing gay marriage/rights/what have you, then do just that. Vote. (Example: Prop 8) What good is Boycotting a company going to do? What good could it possibly do to our purpose to reach out to the righteous, but not the WORLD as it is. We can't stand on our platforms pointing fingers and damning those who we are supposed to be loving. Telling people that you're boycotting Pepsi for something they support is translated as "I'm ignorant and hateful" to the very people we are trying to reach. Come down from the pedestal, and find a better means for your cause.

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  1. Seriously, my friend. I love how you worded this!!