Saturday, May 9, 2009


Good Morning, Friends.
(Forgive the morning face and hair)
At 6:15 this morning, I decided to get out of bed and make some breakfast.
Nothing special.
I walk into my kitchen and notice something I haven't appreciated in a long time...
I am always trying to escape it.
I always have the TV on or friends to keep me company.
I've been afraid of it until this moment.
That is when I decided I was going to sit at my tiffany blue breakfast table and enjoy a silent, peaceful breakfast with tea.
I made the most delightful Earl Grey.
4 sugars and a splash of milk.
The only thing that made this morning absolutely perfect was the grey overcast outside my window.
Sunshine and blue skies would have ruined everything.
And for the first time, I am enjoying the birds that start singing at 3:30 AM rather than cursing them.
God has given me this moment for myself and to sit and be with Him.

On a side note, my dear friend, Rachel, over at A Klassy Lady graduates in about 3 hours.
Congratulations, my darling!
I could not be more proud of you.
You have worked so hard for this.
I love you.

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  1. AWWW! Thank you my sweet love!! You made the day incredible for me. I just adore you!