Thursday, July 9, 2009

Could it be?

Could Hannah finally have a job?

I think it is HIGHLY possible!

Today, I went to an interview at Starbucks, and I am almost certain that I am hired.  I sure hope so, because I really have wanted to work there for years.  Two years ago, before I decided to attend Highlands Worship School, I applied at Starbucks and actually got a call-back for an interview.  Unfortunately (for them - ha!) I had just signed up for school.

I do love making drinks, and I know that I am good at it.  I am confident in my customer service skills.  And this may make me sound a tad dorko, but I am ALWAYS curious when I go to a new coffee shop as to how things are done there.  Seattle Drip, Cambridge Coffee (R.I.P.), O'Henrys, Primavera, Mate Factor, and the New Life Cafe in New Life Church (Colorado Springs, CO).  I even took pictures of the NLCafe and ordered a drink to see how their speed was looking!  HAHA

ANYWHO I am really praying that the Manager-who shall remain nameless-liked me :)  She was awesome!

Night-night :) :) :)

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