Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is looking up!

Things are finally moving in my life, and I am so glad!

As it turns out, I DID get the job at Starbucks!  I am so thankful that they are giving me a shot!  I'm incredibly nervous, but I'm glad that I have some experience going into it.  It will be wonderful to have a paycheck again.  O gosh, yes!  I go in next Monday to meet with the Manager and go over stuff.  I'll be there for two hours.

Like I said recently, I have wonderful people in my life, and the past few weeks have brought back a few old friends.  I love adding different people into the mix.  Refreshing.

I am determined to lose weight and tone up.  I swear.  It will happen.  I am enjoying the workouts a lot more than I could have expected.  I feel accomplished.  That is always nice.


Harry freaking Potter comes out in 2 hours, and Natalie and I have tickets!  Yes, ma'am, we do!  It has been too long since one of these puppies came out.  I will be so sad when the last movie is released :(  No more new Potter anything.

My life is tragic hahaha  I'm such a lame-o.

Peace :)

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