Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two posts in one day.

Sorry about posting twice, but I absolutely HAD to share my Harry Potter Experience!   I promise, there are no spoilers or anything, Rachel!  ;)

We arrived at the Rave at 11:30 only to find the nearest parking spot over by Hobby Lobby.  There were Harry Potters everywhere!  I love that!  Natalie and I, however, chose to go to the movie in pajamas.  We are quite brilliant.
Anywho, there were SO many people there.  I ran into two people I knew, as did Nat.  I got us Icees hoping the sugar would help us stay awake.
We sit down in the theater, and the energy was super!  Everyone's shockingly alive at midnight.  Out of no where, two AWESOME guys dressed as Harry and Ron zip past us down the stairs and go to the floor of the theater beneath the screen.  They whipped out their wands and started dueling!  They were yelling spells and seriously tumbling and twisting through the air like in the movies!  They were hilarious!  Got a TON of applause.  I want to be their best friend.  That moment made my night the best possible!!

The movie itself was beautiful.  Not what I expected, but that is a good thing!  It's so much better :)  Go see it.  Now.

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  1. Haha, as I was reading the first paragraph.. i was thinking "NO SPOILERS!" I can't wait to see it now!