Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Delusions of Grandeur

This week I have had the enormous pleasure of catching 3 incredible showings of Broadway's Wicked at the BJCC Music Hall. Something about that show excites me. I get a rush from the initial flight of the monkeys of Oz to the final booming "WICKED!" from the chorus. Finally something has me excited again! The past week has awoken a love for theater that I had forgotten...

I have been to New York City 6 times since I was little, and each time my father insisted on seeing at least two major productions. I grew up dreaming I could be the woman standing on stage, singing to the world and being applauded for my talent! In Jr. High, I got to act in a few plays. High School was spent behind the scenes on make up crew. I even tried out for a lead in Fiddler On The Roof, but choked on stage. Nevertheless, I loved being around the school productions. I loved it so much, and I was actually good at it! Back then I wasn't afraid to make my own judgments and put them out there--whereas today I have become far too unsure of myself. I wouldn't be able to do anyone's make up for fear of messing up or being judged.

It's time I break out of that fear.

There have been very few things that I truly have had a passion for, but I can easily say that musical theater is one. Why not pursue it? Crazy, I know!! Going after this would require a lot of putting myself out there and getting crushed. A lot of vocal training, dance training, acting lessons, etc. are needed, and that couldn't intimidate me more! Sadly, I'm not in school for musical theater. That might hurt me. Maybe I should slowly get into it by finding a vocal coach and working out. That isn't so scary. Problem is finding a vocal coach. Any ideas of how I can find one? After coaching, should I decide this theater thing isn't for me, at least I will have vocal lessons under my belt! Maybe I could sing at church.

If you think I am totally crazy, please, let me know. I need to toughen up anyway!

But for now, this is who I want to be...THIS is my dream:
(and forgive me for posting this video twice. I'm new to blogging!)

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  1. How insanely crazy that I had this wierd feeling about telling you the other night that you should totally get into musical theatre! Maybe God wanted me to encourage you?!

    Side note: I was so into musical theatre in highschool as well. But, I am a "behind the scences" kind of gal and did mostly stage manager, costume design and sound for the productions! I loved it with all of my heart! I'll definitely be there with you on this journey b/c I too have such a love for musical theatre!