Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning about yourself...

So I'm running around in the cafe yesterday cleaning all those pesky cambros that hold the church's free coffee when Mrs. Trudy informs me that Natalie wants me to look at an apartment complex.

Ok. Cool.

Our lease is up in 2 weeks, and should we renew, our rent is going up to $720. That's a lot to pay for a crappy apartment. So she tells me about this great deal on a 3BR apartment for just $799 over at The Parc on Cahaba River. I'm thinking how wonderful of a deal that is, especially if we were to get a third roommate. After work, I meet Natalie and her mother at the apartment offices to find her filling out paper work. Before I know it I have three sheets of papers filled out, and two checks written. I didn't even have time to consider if I wanted to move in a week and a half. Basically I commited to a 10 month lease without even seeing the apartment first.

We went to one of the empty models, and I have to admit that it's very nice. So why am I not excited? Natalie starts packing tonight, and she teared up when she saw the big laundry room. I'm more so panicking about having 10 or 11 days left here.

This is where I learned something about myself:

I hate spontaneity.

I need structure and a plan. I don't like making big decisions anymore, especially on a whim. They make my heart pound with anxiety.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad to continue my stay with Natalie. I'm just freaking out about the fact that only 2 hours after hearing about this place, I write two checks and signed my name in blood. What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking. I just did.


  1. Good lesson to learn my love =)

  2. That is nice to now know about yourself- BUT you are going to love an upgrade!!

  3. wooopeeeeee you live with spontaneity!!!!!