Monday, April 27, 2009

What happened to "organized chaos"?

"I can hardly believe it. Is it really the sun? Haven't seen her in ages! Gotta let my eyes adjust.
She's peeking through the blinds, pointing out the dust; her light highlights the grime. If I could only just find the time to clear my appointments. Find the time to clean this apartment. Start checking off my list of to-dos..."
(Sorry, that's just a cute little verse from this broadway song I have fallen in love with this week..."Spring Cleaning")

But basically since I sleep all day on my days off, that pretty much applies to my life this week! We move in 4 days, and the place is a wreck. I've packed up nearly everything I can--aside from food and DVD--and everything has it's place. HUGE plastic bins. So crisp! Yet the place looks like a NIGHTMARE! Trash is EVERYWHERE. You cannot even see our sink or kitchen counter. My sofa somehow broke in two! I cringe when i take my eyes off the TV or computer screen! I'm just overwhelmed.

On top of that, I am panicking about moving all of our heavy pieces. My TV weighs about 500 lbs, and the piece it's sitting on weighs just as much, if not more than that! Moving to the 3rd floor is going to be a real challenge. I just don't know if we have the means to get our stuff up there! If you know of any muscle men who are up for helping two young women move, we will gladly bake them cookies. Beers all around if we must! HAHA Not for us, but for the men! I don't care. We need all the help we can get!

Also, if you know of anyone who has a trailer or something that we could use, that'd be swell. If not, I'll have to get my mom to come with me to rent a U-haul truck, since I think you have to be 25 to rent one.

I can't wait to start designing in the new place! Even more so, I can't wait to have everyone over!

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