Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Looking At Things Another Way

Tonight Natalie and I had such a great time cleaning out her room, going through her old stuff, and singing along to Sufjan Stevens. Laughed a LOT. Then she and I realized something that excites me about the new apartment...

This home that we are in now is tainted. Both of our exes have been here, and way too many tragic things went on. We both went through the toughest breakups of our lives thus far here. So many tears were shed here. While it's been MONTHS since the sketchiness, it's so refreshing to know that we are continuing our Spring season of our lives in a new home. This is something that she and I both really need! I'm actually looking forward to moving now!

And now for something that gives me Oh so much joy:


  1. That's such a great way to look at things! I'm proud of you!

    Adorable video!!

  2. that will be a night i will remember forever!
    and yes...
    finally peace.

  3. That is hilarious!1 I wonder if that little girl knows her brother is a superior dancer in every way! ha! And so proud of the new phase of life! Love the verse about God doing a new thing!