Friday, April 17, 2009

"Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am an Ozaholic..."

("Hi, Hannah.")

Last night I had the absolute joy of treating two of my most cherished friends to Wicked.
Needless to say they loved it! Turning people on to Wicked is seriously the most exciting things for me right now! I cannot stress enough how wonderful this show is. It is by far one of the most visually and audibly stunning things I have experienced. (Every blog won't be about Wicked, I promise. It leaves Birmingham this Sunday evening, and then I will be forced to move on...)

I will admit that despite my friends' attempts at distracting me and efforts to bring back the "old Hannah," I have been miserable. However, over the past week, by God's grace and my many trips to Wicked, I have had the most wonderful vacation. I feel like ME again! I think it's safe to say that Oz feels like home to me! I can't help but go back every chance I get. I'm going to enter the Wicked Lottery again tonight with my girl, Daphne! I have a ticket for tomorrow's 2 o'clock showing, and Sunday at 7! You will most likely see me at all of the remaining performances! 5 in all!

OK, enough Wicked talk!

My mother read my blog, and told me that not only should I start praying about this whole Musical Theater thing, but I should consider going to Montevallo as a Musical Theater major! WOW. Can you imagine me going there? I sure can't! But then again, maybe it's what I need. We'll see!

Oh, Life. Am I even ready for it?

And one more thing that excites me to NO end...

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  1. Ditto with your mom! And I had the most pleasure of me and Ross being those dear friends you treated to Wicked. You gave me the best gift really.. opening my husband's eyes to musical theatre!!